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Think your land
has subdivision potential?
Want to stay in your home but unlock some equity without getting into debt?
Want to sell and looking to maximise your return?
Lack the time, money or expertise to do it yourself?

Partner with us and let us take the stress out of developing your property. We make developing easy, helping everyday people to benefit.  No doubt you’ve worked hard for the property you own – isn’t it now time that it worked for you and gave you something back?  Often there can be hundreds of thousands of dollars locked up in properties, which generally just sits there unrealised because owners don’t have the right resources to do anything with it. 

Well taping into the development equity inside your property doesn’t need to be beyond your reach.  We have the expertise and resources to help you do this – without using any of your own money or your time.  All you need to do is sit back and let us do the work and you collect the cheque at the end when the project is finished.

What could you do with the extra money? What difference would it make to your life?  Our clients now have greater options in their lives – for some it has helped with their retirement fund and for others it has meant having extra dollars for living expenses, house improvements, going away on that trip of a life-time or paying out the mortgage.  It’s different for everyone but overall our Client’s agree on one thing – that it has helped improve their overall life quality.  Money doesn’t buy happiness but it can help provide the things that do.

Does this sound appealing to you?  Take action today to find out how we can help you!

How long does it take?
            We suggest that our clients allow up to 12 months, however we generally complete projects much sooner. This largely depends on scale and complexity, as well as if we are challenging Council policies.
What are the risks?
        Put simply, virtually none to our clients. If we commit to a project with you, then it is our time and money at risk. For example, if we don’t get approval from Council, then you don’t owe us anything.
What are the costs/fees?
             There are no upfront fees.  Once we have assessed your property [obligation free] we will discuss the specific return we can offer you. We recoup our costs and fees at the end of the project.
How will it affect the house value?
        Market evidence suggests that often homes are worth no less on the smaller block of land, than they were on the larger size.  So at the end of the project the asset value can generally be maintained.
What client effort is required?
        Not much! A few signatures along the way is all that's needed. We take care of everything else, such as gaining council approval and carrying out the council conditions.  We even take care of the sale of the land.
Who finances the project?
            We do.  This is one of the many benefits of working with us, so everyone has the opportunity to develop. We put our money where our mouth is and fund all our projects, also ensuring clients are not exposed to risk.  

Contact Us!


Don't sit and worry should I or shouldn't I - get in contact with us, remember it is obligation free. 

We can then look at your particular property and work with you to see what outcomes are possible.

Our Services


About Us

It's a big decision to partner with us, so here's a little information about who you will be working with.


Company Profile

Synergy Property Alliance is a family run business that was established in 2015 by its founders Pat and Louisa Casey.

Based in Karalee, we specialise in Council planning policies within the South East Qld region, specifically Brisbane, Ipswich and Sunshine Coast.  Our understanding allows us to maximise our client's available opportunities, helping to ensure they receive the highest possible return.

Our clients are not just another business transaction - we place a high value on the relationships that we build and we gain enormous satisfaction seeing the difference that we can bring to our clients life from working with us. 


Mission Statement

To make sure that

Property Owners 
have the opportunity
to realise their
property’s development potential, without
being disadvantaged
by lack of
time, money or expertise.



We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business

We contribute positively to our local communities

We place a high value on minimising our impact on the environment


Director's Profile

Pat has a background in electrical contracting, while Louisa has an office and project management work history.

Involved in real estate for 10+ years, their passion is not only property but building relationships with their clients.  They are trying to build a better future for their family and at the same helping their clients do the same.


Past Projects

Here is a quick look at some past projects so you can see what we have done.

1 INTO 3


An interesting shaped property, which had the additional element of a flood line at the rear.  Working with our team, we devised a layout that created two additional blocks (the owner originally thought only one was possible) and avoided burdening the new blocks with a flooding overlay, ensuring high demand and valuefor the end product.

Contact Us

Contact us for a FREE AND NO OBLIGATION review of your Property's Subdivision Potential


0410 494 765

PO Box 7093,

Mount Crosby Qld 4306


Thanks! We will contact you very soon.


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